Board Composition Chart

The Board is currently comprised of six directors and is divided into three classes, with each class serving a three-year term. At each annual meeting of shareholders, one class of directors is elected for a full term of three years to succeed that class of directors whose terms are expiring. A summary of directors, term expirations and the board committees on which they serve, is as follows:

DirectorsTerm ExpirationExecutive CommitteeAudit CommitteeCompensation CommitteeNominating & Governance Committee
Joe R. Davis (1)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Brady F. Carruth
President, Gulf Coast Capital Corp.
President & Chief Executive Officer, Saratoga Financial Corp.
2015 Member Member 
I.T. "Tex" Corley (4)
Retired President & Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Materials Inc.
2015 Member Member
Gary L. Forbes *
Senior Vice President, EQUUS Total Return, Inc.
James H. Limmer (3)
Retired, Partner, Tekkel, Book, Matthews & Limmer, L.L.P.
2013 Member Member
Todd A. Reppert (2)
Executive Vice Chairman, Main Street Capital Corp.
2014 Member Member

(1)    Chairman of Executive Committee
(2)    Chairman of  Audit Committee
(3)    Chairman of Compensation Committee
(4)    Chairman of Nominating & Governance Committee  

* The non-management directors of the Board have elected Gary L. Forbes as the Lead Independent Director who shall serve as a contact for the non-management directors as a whole. In order that interested parties (including shareholders) may be able to communicate directly with the non-management directors of the Board, they may send correspondence to:

Gary L. Forbes, Lead Independent Director
Consolidated Graphics, Inc.
P.O. Box 92496
Austin, TX 78709

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